Around the campsite in Sallertaine

Discover the surroundings
of the Ptites maisons dans la Prairie campground

  • Beaches within 20 minutes
  • Bike rides
  • Canoeing and activities
  • Villages and Breton marshes

Beaches, salt road, mills,
villages and walks…

The surroundings of the campsite
the Little houses in the Prairie in Sallertaine


Camping Les P’tites maisons dans la prairie


Yeu Island


The Puy du Fou


The Salt Route – Canoeing


Breton Marsh


The Mill of Rairé


Saint Jean de Monts




Saint Gilles Croix de Vie


Bouin Wind Farm

The fine sandy beaches of the Ile d’Yeu
1h57 from the camping des Petites Maisons

Enjoy the fine sandy beaches of the Ile d’Yeu (not too crowded).
A visit to the Château de l’Ile d’Yeu is a must (accessible only on foot or by bicycle).
Many small coves.
Beach huts, small almost deserted creeks, this small island has everything to please …
You can rent a bike or any motorized vehicle of your choice… There are many small restaurants (good and welcoming).

Le Puy du Fou at 1h20
of the campsite

It is impossible to stay in the Vendée without planning a short day (at least) to visit the Puy du Fou amusement park in Les Epesses in the Vendée

You’ll be blown away by the colorful, high quality, award-winning performances.
Plan a visit to the Grand Parc (without prior reservation) or the night show La Cinéscénie (reservation required or strongly recommended!)

The campsite is only 1h20 away from the Puy du Fou park so why deprive yourself ?

The shows at Le Puy du Fou are divided into 3 main groups. The Great Shows, the Night Shows and the Other Shows.

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We are pleased to announce the 2016 novelty of the Puy du Fou, the Last Panache, a show centered around Charette and his grandiose epic

During the day the Grand Parc with the great breathtaking shows, with the Sign of Triumph, the Vickings, the Ghost Birds Ball, the Secret of the Lance and the Richelieu Musketeer. It takes at least one day to see all the shows.

And then there are the night shows, especially the Cinescénie, which attracts a large number of Vendeans of all ages, known as puyfolais and literally passionate!

And then again during the day, what the Puy du Fou calls the other shows but whose brilliance and magnificence have nothing to envy to the main shows. The Lovers of Verdun (which was created in 2015), the Renaissance of the Castle (which was created in 2014), the Knights of the Round Table etc …

The Puy du Fou is also a peaceful place to visit, called Between the Shows, a time machine, a few steps are enough to cross the ages, even the centuries with the 1900’s Village, the Fort of the Year 1000, the Medieval City or the 18th Century Village.

Les Petites Maisons dans la Prairie campsite is the possibility to stay less than 20 minutes from the sea, with a heated indoor swimming pool, cheap rates for families, and the Puy du Fou at about 1h20. Take advantage of these opportunities now and call us right away!

Canoe trips, discovery of the Marais Breton Vendéen
Rediscover the Salt Route

Discover the beauty of the Marais Breton thanks to the canoe trips offered by the Route du Sel in Sallertaine, 4.5 km from the campsite Les Petites Maisons dans la Prairie. Rent a canoe to explore the fauna and flora of the marsh and learn about the local culture. This activity is open all year round, with reservations in the off season.

Discover the beaches
20 minutes from the campground

  • Fine sandy beaches
  • Walks on the coast
  • Activities nautical
  • Swimming and sand castles

Saint Jean de Monts and its beaches at 20 minutes

We advise you to book your stay at the campsite “Les Petites Maisons dans la Prairie” to enjoy all the tourist attractions of the seaside town of Saint Jean de Monts located at only 20 minutes. Please note that our cottages are available for rent all year round with an incredible off-season rate of 150€ per week!

Saint Jean de Monts has one of the most impressive networks of bicycle and pedestrian paths in the Vendée, with beautiful crossings of the maritime pine forest. Here are some photos to follow.

By accessing the beaches you will be able to observe beautiful small beach huts so typical and which represent well the summer period and the vacations in our memories.

Do not hesitate to register your son or daughter at the Saint Jean de Monts Sailing School to learn one of the water sports offered by the resort.

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The beautiful pier was recently renovated, it is a magnificent building that attracts many tourists, especially anglers and tilefishers, who see a way to easily access some extra depth.

What characterizes the seaside resort of Saint Jean de Monts is the immensity of the fine sandy beaches, it is possible to walk far into the sea with a fairly small difference in level.

You will notice that there is no lack of space and even on busy days, forget about the nuisance of some beaches in the south of France, here you can put down your little towel without bothering anyone! By staying in our structure you can enjoy a camping Saint Jean de Monts really cheap.

Swarms of surfers invade these beautiful large beaches in season (probably due to the activity of the Sailing School).

Do not hesitate to put your bags in our campsite we will indicate you how to benefit at best from all the activities and places of visits of the city of Saint Jean de Monts.

at 20 minutes

Staying at the campsite “Les Petites Maisons dans la Prairie” in Vendée, 20 minutes from the island of Noirmoutier, is the possibility for you to enjoy all the attractions of this magnificent island on the Vendée coast. By passing through the famous Passage du Gois you are only 20 minutes away from the gates of the island.

If you start exploring the island you will discover the beautiful beaches of Bois de la Chaise, as well as typical landscapes, such as the beach huts on the pictures to follow on this page.

By accessing the Noirmoutier Bridge to enter the island, you will inevitably pass through the small town of La Barre de Monts, so make a stop to admire the beautiful little fishing huts on some of the canals.

No way to walk around the town of Noirmoutier-en-l’Ile without visiting the castle. From the outside its ramparts hide a magnificent structure inside the enclosure. This place is often used for shows and summer events.

If you are a fan of nature and birds, you should visit the Mulhembourg Marsh, which is a beautiful reserve of migratory and sedentary birds. Be careful, a part of the marsh is not accessible (reserved only for landowners, guards etc…)

The island of Noirmoutier is very famous for its salt production. Noirmoutier salt is sold all over France and is particularly appreciated by consumers and stores selling regional products. Discover the seasonal work of the salt workers in the salt marshes of Noirmoutier, you will be able to buy and take with you the “fleur de sel”…

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Let me introduce you to a unique place in the world where tidal waters completely cover several kilometers of roadway. An ideal place to fish for foot for many tourists. It is also a way for vehicles to enter the island. Be careful with the tide times!

You will certainly go for a walk on the beautiful beaches of Barbatre.

Some of the beaches of the island are made of white sand, which reminds us more of the islands of the tropics than the Vendée coast… like the beach of La Guérinière

La Guérinière Sailing School as well as beautiful small beaches suitable for all water sports.

Port of Fromentine to access the Ile d’Yeu (visible from the bridge of Noirmoutier)

Staying at the Petites Maisons de la Prairie campground is the ideal way to get to the island in a few minutes and enjoy all its attractions without having to pay the often high price of some rentals. We remind you that during the low season our gites or chalets are 150€ per week.

Saint Gilles Croix de Vie
at 20 minutes

Come and discover our lodgings with their different universes and colors: Arizona, Alaska, Alabama, Arkansas, North Carolina, South Carolina, California.

From 4 to 8 people, come and spend comfortable vacations in fully equipped gîtes

The Mill of Rairé at 6 km

Discover the life of a long line of millers, and the mill, an authentic witness of traditional milling

The Moulin de Rairé has never stopped working since its construction. Discover a know-how and in a way the folklore of the region. The Moulin de Rairé is less than 6 km from the campsite, you can get there in less than 5 minutes. The guided tours are quite remarkable.

Bouin wind farm at 19 km

Bouin wind farm. Visit one of the largest wind farms in the region.

Each wind turbine is accessible from the road.

You will discover at the same time the landscapes of the Marais Breton Vendéen.